The Catharine Maria Sedgwick Society promotes the study and awareness of Sedgwick’s life and works. We aim to increase availability and access to her writings and offer a forum for established and emerging scholars, as well as others interested in Sedgwick, to exchange ideas, research, and pedagogical strategies.

Sedgwick Society Summer Webinars

The Catharine Maria Sedgwick Society announces a series of webinars featuring new works of Sedgwick scholarship. Invited scholars will discuss their recent monographs and address Sedgwick, her career, and her place in contemporary literary studies.

Webinars are open to the public but registration is required; click the links below to register for each individual event. For more information or to join the Sedgwick Society, visit cmsedgwicksociety.org.

Friday, July 31, 2 pm ET

Lydia Fash, author of The Sketch, The Tale, and the Beginnings of American Literature (University of Virginia Press, 2020)

Joe Shapiro, author of The Illiberal Imagination: Class and the Rise of the U.S. Novel (University of Virginia Press, 2017)

Hosted by Melissa Homestead

Friday, August 14, 3 pm ET

Brigitte Bailey, author of American Travel Literature, Gendered Aesthetics and the Italian Tour, 1824-62 (Edinburgh University Press, 2018)

Sandra Wilson Smith, author of The Action-Adventure Heroine: Rediscovering an American Literary Character, 1697-1895 (University of Tennessee Press, 2018)

Hosted by Jenifer Elmore

Friday, August 28, 3 pm ET

Martin Holtz, author of Constructions of Agency in American Literature on the War of Independence: War as Action, 1775-1860 (Routledge, 2019)

Ashley Reed, author of Heaven’s Interpreters: Women Writers and Religious Agency in Nineteenth-Century America (Cornell University Press, 2020)

Hosted by Jordan Von Cannon

Spring/Summer 2020

In light of the current situation, the Sedgwick Society’s planned participation in ALA 2020 and our own symposium have been postponed.  Participants in our ALA panel and roundtable and those who submitted paper proposals for the symposium have been notified. We will be in touch with all of our presenters and society members as we have more information about when these events will take place in the future.

ALA 2020 – postponed – The organizers for ALA 2020 have canceled the 2020 conference.

June 2020 CMSS Symposium – postponedThe 2020 CMSS Symposium has been postponed. Please read more about the decision here, and watch for emails from the CMSS account for future updates.  If you do not currently receive emails from the CMSS News, please send a message to cmss.news (at) gmail.com with the subject line “Join CMSS Affiliates List”.


Forthcoming — a new scholarly edition of Redwood, A Tale ed. by Jenifer B. Elmore visit our News and Notes page for more details.

Congratulations to CMSS members Patricia Kalayjian, Deborah Gussman, and Lucinda Damon-Bach, who have received a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities to pursue the Catharine Maria Sedgwick Online Letters Project! Read more on our News and Notes page.

Sedgwick in Print” a new space on the site for information on all the current editions of Sedgwick’s major novels

Secondary Bibliography — we’re looking to update our scholarly bibliography on Sedgwick and her writings, if you’ve authored a recent article, chapter, book, etc. that includes Sedgwick, please let us know.

Ongoing initiatives

See our News and Notes for CFPs and the “Just Read One – Sedgwick Story Challenge”.