Sedgwick Chronology

1789    C.M. Sedgwick born 28 December

1821    CMS begins to spend summers in the Berkshires and winters in NYC

1822    A New-England Tale; “Mary Hollis” (Unitarian tract)

1824    Redwood: A Tale

1825    The Travellers; “The Catholic Uroquois” (first of over 100 stories/sketches)

1827    Hope Leslie; or, Early Times in the Massachusetts

1830    Clarence; or, A Tale of Our Own Times

1834    CMS included in The National Portrait Gallery of Distinguished Americans

1835    Home; The Linwoods; or, “Sixty Years Since” in America; Tales and Sketches, first series

1836    The Poor Rich Man and the Rich Poor Man; translates portion of My Prisons by Silvio Pellico (from the Italian)

1837    Live and Let Live; or, Domestic Service Illustrated; A Love Token for Children; “A Memoir of Lucretia Maria Davidson”

1839    Means and Ends, or Self-Training

1840    Stories for Young Persons

1841    Letters From Abroad to Kindred at Home

1844    Tales and Sketches, second series [aka Wilton Harvey and Other Tales]

1846    Morals of Manners

1847    The Boy of Mt. Rhigi

1848    Facts and Fancies for School-day Reading

1851    Begins writing autobiography (published posthumously)

1857    Married or Single?

1858    Memoir of Joseph Curtis, A Model Man

1862    “A Sketch from Life” (last known short work)

1867    CMS dies, 31 July, age 77

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