2017 Symposium Program

SYMPOSIUM PROGRAM (Updated June 4, 2017)

Click here for a downloadable PDF: CMSS_Program_04-Jun-2017.

Print copies of the program booklet and other addenda will be distributed at Registration.



REGISTRATION | 4:00-5:30 PM, Red Lion Inn Lobby Side Parlor

Jill K. Anderson, VP Membership and Finance, will have the registration materials in the Side Lobby Parlor at the Red Lion Inn from 4:00-5:30 on Wednesday, and she will carry them with her to the Stockbridge Library for distribution after Mary C. Kelley’s Keynote Address. Please see Jill anytime throughout the Symposium to pick up name badges and other information.


KEYNOTE ADDRESS | 6:00 PM, Stockbridge Library, Bement Room

Mary C. Kelley, PhD

Ruth Bordin Collegiate Professor of History, University of Michigan, and author of The Power of Her Sympathy: The Autobiography and Journal of Catharine Maria Sedgwick

RECEPTION immediately following in the Library Gallery



SESSION 1: 8:00-9:30 AM

Sedgwick’s Geographic Imagination

Chair: Lisa West

  1. Ashley Reed, “‘All Love and Friendship and No Politics’: Romance and the Republic in ‘A Reminiscence of Federalism.'”
  2. Janet Zehr, “The Evolution of Sedgwick’s American Settings through an Evolutionary Lens.”
  3. Cynthia Smith, “Hope Leslie at Sea.”
  4. Christiane Farnan, “Teaching Catharine Maria Sedgwick’s Hope Leslie Through Maps.”


SESSION 2: 9:45-11:15 AM

Traveling People, Traveling Texts

Chair: Jill Anderson

  1. Emma Newcombe, “‘Oh, What a Scene!’: Class and Conflict at Niagara in Sedgwick’s The Travellers.”
  2. Susan L. Roberson, “The Great Excursion: Expansion, Travel, and Tourism.”
  3. Jenifer Elmore, “Two Views of Time in Space: Synchrony and Diachrony in Sedgwick’s ‘A Day in a Railroad Car’”
  4. Johanna McElwee, “Sedgwick in the Homes Abroad: Tracing the Works of Sedgwick in Sweden.”


LUNCH 11:30-12:30


SESSION 3: 12:45-2:15 PM

Evolving Views of the Spinster, the Bluestocking, and Related Figures

Chair: Lucinda Damon-Bach

  1. Deborah Gussman, “Sister Spinster: Placing Sedgwick in Contemporary Conversations About Singlehood, Marriage, and Feminism.”
  2. Kate Culkin, “A Tale of Two Students: The Sedgwick School, Harriet Hosmer, and Ellen Tucker Emerson.”
  3. Robin L. Cadwallader, “Blue Stockings Then and Now: Catharine Maria Sedgwick’s ‘A Sketch of a Blue Stocking’ and the Blue Stocking Society of Saint Francis University.”


SESSION 4: 2:30-4:00 PM

Where and When Men Disrupt Homes and/or the Social Order

Chair: Ashley Reed

  1. María Carla Sánchez, “Catharine Sedgwick’s Men.”
  2. Beth Avila, “‘Heroism in Such a Shape’: Pirates Invade Domestic Spaces.”
  3. David Ober, “Blurred Boundaries of Domesticity in Catharine Maria Sedgwick’s Hope Leslie.”


OUTING: 4:00-6:00 PM

Private tour of the historic Sedgwick Home, with wine-and-cheese reception following on the site.



SESSION 5: 8:00-9:15 AM

Pedagogy Roundtable

Facilitator: Jenifer Elmore


SESSION 6: 9:30-10:20 AM

CMS Society Business Meeting


SESSION 7: 10:30 AM-12:00 PM

Keeping the Past Visible

Chair: Melissa J. Homestead

  1. Robert Daly, “Revolution in New York, Boston, and Beyond: Diachronic Thinking and the Hermeneutics of Situation in The Linwoods.”
  2. Elizabeth T. Kenney, “Following the Footnotes: Interpolations and Temporal Regressions in J.M.M. Hart’s Novellas.”
  3. Charlene Avallone, “National Space, Social Place, the French Language, and Catharine Sedgwick.”


LUNCH 12:00-1:00 PM


SESSION 8: 1:15-2:45 PM

Editing Sedgwick over Time: Roundtable on Recovery

Chair: Judith Fetterley

  1. Melissa J. Homestead
  2. Emily VanDette
  3. Deborah Gussman
  4. Victoria Clements

Respondent: Lucinda Damon-Bach


OUTING: 3:00-6:00 PM

Group hike to Laurel Hill and the Ice Glen, featured landmarks in Sedgwick’s fiction.


Friday Evening, June 9 | 7:00 PM, Hitchcock Room, Red Lion Inn




SESSION 9: 8:00-9:30 AM

New Places in Archival/Bibliographical Studies

Chair: Susanna Compton

  1. Pat Kalayjian, “The Political Becomes Personal: Sedgwick’s Early Letters.”
  2. Lucinda Damon-Bach, “Catharine Sedgwick: Translator and Biographer.”
  3. Melissa Lingle-Martin, “Catharine Maria Sedgwick’s Critique of Spectacle in Hope Leslie.”
  4. Meghan E. Smith, “Mapping Sedgwick’s Works Across Time and Place: Bibliographical Discoveries Reveal New Publications and Wider Geographic Reach.”


SESSION 10: 9:45-11:30 AM

Archive Session/Workshop–bring your laptops!

Facilitator: Lucinda Damon-Bach


LUNCH 11:45-12:45


SESSION 11: 1:00-2:30 PM

Times, Spaces, and Places of Reform  

Chair: Lisa West

  1. Michelle Wood, “A Village Near A Hill: or, Sedgwick’s Revision of John Winthrop’s ‘A Model of Christian Charity.'”
  2. Susanna Compton, “A Secular Sedgwick.”
  3. Heather Santiago, “Worlds Away, One Voice: Catharine Maria Sedgwick as Magawisca in Hope Leslie.”
  4. Emily VanDette, “Conceptualizing Kindness Beyond Humanity: Sedgwick’s Animal Advocacy Stories.”


SESSION 12: 2:45-4:00 PM

Where and When Do Borders Break Down?

Chair: Jenifer Elmore

  1. Lisa West, “Geologic Time, Narrative Time: Stones, Monuments and Memorials in Hawthorne and Sedgwick.”
  2. Gretchen Murphy, “Unitarians, Shakers and Infidels: The Problem of ‘Rational Christianity’ in Sedgwick’s Redwood.”
  3. Maureen Tuthill, “‘The Demon that Haunts the American Mind’: Work and the Concept of Time in Sedgwick’s Married or Single?”