CMS Society 2022 Proposed By-laws Amendment

Proposed Amendment to Article IV: Dues of the CMSS By-laws

At the business meeting during the 2022 CMSS Symposium, members discussed raising our society membership fees in order to keep pace with the rising costs of future conferences.  As much as possible, we want membership in the Sedgwick Society to remain affordable for graduate students and independent scholars. The officers propose the following amendment to increase membership dues in “Article IV: Dues” of the By-laws of the Catharine Maria Sedgwick Society.

Existing Dues Structure:

Regular member: $10

Institutional member: $25

Student member: $5

Lifetime member: $200

Proposed Dues Structure:

Regular member: $20

Student, Independent Scholar member: $10

3-year Sustaining membership: $50

Lifetime member: $250

*Eliminate Institutional Member tier at $25

CMSS members will vote on this proposed amendment at the same time they vote for the CMSS officers in November 2022.  Remember, you must be a current CMSS member to participate in the voting process.

Membership Updates

If you’re not sure whether your CMS Society membership is up to date, then please see this linked spreadsheet, which lists our 2022-2023 members. Remember that you can renew or join anytime at the Sedgwick Society membership page.